2008 Statewide Conference on Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities Resource Book

Attaining a career in a desired field is the lifelong goal of many adults. When that goal is reached, people’s lives are often changed forever. This is true for people in business, education, science, medicine and the arts. However, barriers often arise in the journey to a career goal. Knowing the barriers and then knowing the strategies to get around the barriers are important steps in the career journey. The purpose of this guide is to outline the actual and perceived barriers to attaining careers in the arts for people with disabilities, and to present strategies for addressing these barriers. It is our hope that this increased knowledge will increase the number of people with disabilities in arts careers. You can download the 2008 Conference Resource Book here

ArtLifting is a benefit corporation that provides homeless and disabled artists the opportunity to earn their own income

ArtLifting sells original paintings, art prints, and products so artists can earn recurring income from each piece. Artists earn 55% of the profit from each sale. Liz Powers, founder, has worked with homeless and disabled individuals in Boston since she was eighteen. After creating and running art groups in local women’s shelters, Liz was amazed by the talent around her, but noticed that much of the art would end up in the trash can or lost in the shelters’ closets. After observing the same problem at other local art programs, Liz and her brother Spencer created ArtLifting. By earning an income, instead of a handout, the artists feel empowered and confident. This confidence has a domino effect on every aspect of their lives and helps them pursue dreams that previously seemed unreachable to them. To learn more visit


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