Photo of Morgan Wagner

General Artist Information

Name: Morgan Wagner
Art Form: Visual Arts
Grade Level Preference:  K-5
Geographic Availability: North Dakota, statewide
Fee per-day: Negotiable
Phone Number: (509) 572-0345


Morgan Wagner is a working multimedia artist who specializes in realism, expressionism, and process art. Her experience working with kids is extensive and driven by a passion for connecting with students and young minds. She lives and works in North Dakota with her husband where she enjoys plenty of physical exercise, teaching art and fitness classes, and working in her art studio.

Teaching Philosophy

I see teaching as an opportunity to build confidence and joy in my students while providing a platform for synthesizing knowledge and self-awareness. Self-expression is encouraged. I believe there is no right or wrong way to enjoy making art.

Sample Residency Information

Residency Title:  North Dakota Multimedia Light Boxes

Grade Level:  For students grades 2-5

Number of Sessions:  3-4

Description:  Our identities are fluid and shaped by what we know about ourselves and our environment. Developing an understanding of our place in the world as a young person can have lasting impacts on the course of our lives. Students will become more familiar with the environment they live in and their relationship to it by learning about, drawing, and finally juxtaposing North Dakota's natural and human resources in a visual art piece. In addition to expanding the student's understanding of themselves, they will also explore color theory and expand their definition of what a drawing can be.

Short Lesson Plan

Students will learn about and choose several natural and human resources in North Dakota to draw in different colors. These drawings will be layered in color changing light boxes that are constructed by the students with a battery and conductive tape. As the light changes color, so do the colors in the drawings causing certain colors to shift, disappear, and emerge spontaneously. The transient and changing appearance of the drawings highlights new relationships between the elements the students chose to focus on.