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Lakota singers breathe new life into old Native songs

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Frances DensmoreProject underway revisits century-old recordings made at Standing Rock

Before singing, Red Weasel bowed his head in prayer, “Wakan'tanka, hear me.  This day I am to tell your word.  But without sin I shall speak. The tribe shall Live.  Behold me for I am humble.  From above watch me.  You are always the truth, listen to me, my friends and relatives, sitting here, and I shall be at peace.  May our voices be heard at the future goal you have prepared for us.”    

From Teton Sioux Music & Culture by Frances Densmore (1918)


Imitation may be the biggest form of flattery; the story behind the Lake Region Arts Festival

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Lake Region Arts Festival logoDiscover the collaboration and inspiration that lead to the overwhelming success of the first ever Lake Region Arts Festival in Devils Lake, ND. 

By Rhea C. Beto

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