NDCA Accessibility in the Arts Convening Round LogoAs accessibility compliance is mandated by state and federal laws, NDCA grantees are encouraged to learn more about the topic! On October 13, 2022, NDCA hosted a 4-hour ONLINE Accessibility in the Arts Convening to help explain why -- and how -- to make nonprofits and businesses more accessible.

NDCA's 2022 Accessibility in the Arts Convening:

Key Components:

  • Hear testimony from artists with disabilities 
  • Learn the 2010 ADA Standards: minimum requirements from Tess Stanton, Trainer, Rocky Mtn. ADA Center
  • Discover easy, cost-effective ways to be more accessible from Sam Gould, President, Executive Producer, Open Door Theater
  • Read through the ADA Checklist with NEA representatives Beth Bienvenu, Accessibility Director and Katharine Hayward, Disability Specialist  
  • Consider the ideas and MAKE A PLAN!

Watch the Recordings:

The event was broken down into 8 different recordings designated with teal buttons shown here and inside the Testimonials and Presentations tabs.

  1. Welcome Video - Watch first!
  2. Watch the 3 videos located under "Testimonials" and the 3 videos located under "Presentations"
  3. Conclusion Video - Watch last!

Descriptions, Resources and More...

Descriptions, Resources and More...

2020 Recording of NDCA Online Accessibility Convening

  • The first 15 mins unfortunately did not get recorded but a you can view a copy of the presentation.
  • ASL interpretation was available during the presentation if you pinned their screen - unfortunately it is not available in the recording, but the Convening is closed captioned - to view click the "CC" icon on the YouTube video.
  • If interested, you can view the resources and information placed in the Chat section.