Photo of Delores Halstead


General Artist Information

Name: Delores Halstead
Artist Discipline: Visual Arts
Grade Level Preference: All Grade Levels
Geographic Availability: 100 miles radius from Elgin, ND/Southwest ND Region
Fee per-day: Negotiable
Phone Number: 307-340-1557


As a country girl growing up in the Midwest, I loved to draw and color. Once in school I was opened to another whole world of art making. During high school, I took every art class my high school offered, and even a few started on my behalf!  Following high school, I attended Studio Academy in Omaha Nebraska for commercial art.  Married and raising our three boys in Wyoming, I found inspiration in the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife and continued to develop my skills as an artist by creating several art studies and participating in a variety of art shows. My accomplishments include the Cabela's Christmas cover 1999 and Fall cover art in 2000, Color Pencil Society of America finalist 2000 and Wyoming Ducks Unlimited 2005 Artist of the Year.

Sample Residency Information

Residency Title:  Seasons of Barns

Grade Level: This project may be geared appropriately for any age level, K-12.

Number of Sessions: 5-10. Could possibly become an on-going project.


Barns are the story of rural America and are an important element to the North Dakota landscape.  Teaching artist Delores Halstead invites students to explore these iconic structures, landscapes and the seasons through a variety of drawing media, including but not limited to pencil, chalk pastels and colored pencils. Using a scaffold process, students of all ages will develop insights into the rural landscape and architecture, explore seasons of the year, and learn new skills and techniques for creating their own, unique barns.

Lesson Examples for a one-week, K-12 residency

Barn photos will be supplied to inspire and provide students with background information on barns.  An option for older classes would be to include a photography field trip to take their own photos.  This could possibly be tied to history or social studies class.

The classes/grades will all work on the same theme (barns) but use a different, age-appropriate media.  Each class/grade will also be assigned a different season of the year incorporating an appropriate color palette for that time of year.

Grade K-2 (Non-core, Two Lessons) Summer time barns using chalk pastels.  Session two could include mixed calk and charcoal drawings of animals that live in our barns.

Grade 3-6 (Non-core, Two Lessons) Fall barns using Prisma color pencils. This would include an intro to shading.

Grades 7-9 (Non-core, Two Lessons) Winter barns using Prisma color pencils would include shading and color building/layering.

Grades 10-12 (Core Group, five lessons) Spring barns that would expose students to a more in-depth process involving shading and color building with oil-based pencils. Once completed, the barns will have a photo like appearance.