Individual Artist Fellowship



The annual Individual Artist Fellowship program will open again in mid-February, 2024.

The Individual Artist Fellowship grant program is designed to support outstanding and established practicing individual artists residing in North Dakota. Two fellowships of $5,000 are awarded annually for projects that will enhance or expand artistic skills and help generate greater visibility to potential audiences.

Each proposal must include three community components in at least two of North Dakota’s eight regions (such as a public performance, exhibition, reading, open workshop, or demonstration).

Eligible Disciplines for FY24

  • Dance and Theater (all forms, including traditional) Includes: Choreographers (including traditional dance genres), theater directors who generate new works, playwrights (including musical theater genre), lighting designers, set designers, and costume designers.

Application Deadline

  • Before 11:59 pm CST, Friday, March 31, 2023
  • Draft Review Application Deadline: Before 11:59 pm CST, Friday, March 17, 2023

For Project Dates

  • July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Grant Award Range

  • $5,000 maximum request
  • No matching funds are required for this program

For Questions or Assistance

Contact Program Officer Kim Konikow | | (701) 328-7592

Program Overview and Application Instructions

All applicants should read these documents thoroughly before beginning the application form.

Required Downloads
Who Can Apply

Eligible Individual Artist Applicants Must:

  • Be pursuing original artwork on an ongoing basis within an artistic discipline;
  • Be the originator of the work, not an interpreter of the work of others;
  • Be a United States citizen or have attained permanent resident status;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be a North Dakota resident as of January 1, 2022 and continue to reside in North Dakota throughout the contract period;
  • Cannot be enrolled as a student in any high school, college, or university at the time of application.
How to Apply

Application Method

Grant applications are submitted online through the NDCA online grant system.

To apply online, go to


The tutorials below guide new users through the online registration process and illustrates how to apply and use the system.

Previous Grants Awarded
Fiscal Year Grantee Name Discipline Grant Amount
2023 Efrain Amaya Music $5,000
2023 Michael Wittgraf Music $5,000
2022 Jon Offutt Visual/Glass $3,500
2022 Pieper Bloomquist Traditional Visual Arts $3,500
2021 Camilla Morrison Theater/Costume $3,500
2021 Amoussa (Hamzat) Koriko Theater/Production $2,500
2021 Shalini Agarwal Traditional Dance $1,000
2020 Emerson William Eads Music $3,500
2020 Thomas Porter Music $3,500
2019 Pirjo Berg Visual/Painting $3,500
2019 Brad Bachmeier Visual/Pottery $3,500
2018 Liselotte Erdrich Folk/Birch Bark $3,500
2017 Merie Kirby Visual/Pottery $3,500
2016 Guillermo Guardia Visual $2,500
2016 Ryan Stander Visual/Printmaking $2,500
2015 Eileen K McEnroe Baskets $2,500
2015 Bradley Delzer Music $2,500
2013 Christopher Gable Music/Percussion $2,500
2013 Merie Kirby Literature/Poetry $2,500
2012 Nelda Schrupp Visual/Metal/Mixed $2,500
2012 Armando Ramos III Visual $2,500
2011 Frank Koch Folk Arts $2,500
2011 Kathleen Coudle-King Theater/Playwriting $2,500
2010 Michael Wittgraf Music $2,500
2010 Caroline Downs Literature/Children $2,500
2009 Kim Fink Visual/Crafts $2,500
2009 William D Thompson Visual/Painting $2,500
2008 Pattie Carr Dance $2,500
2008 Anthony R LaFromboise Folk Arts $2,500
2007 Troy Sterling Nies Music $2,500
2007 James Hodges Music $2,500
2006 James Wolberg Visual $2,500
2006 Sarah Regan Snavely Visual $2,500
2006 Jon Offutt Visual/Glass $2,500
2005 Conrad E Davidson Theater/Playwright $2,500
2005 Norik Astvatsaturov Traditional/Repousse $2,500
2004 Jamie Parsley Literature/Poetry $2,500
2004 William J Snyder Jr Literature/Poetry $2,500
2003 Kent Kapplinger Exhibit Curating  
2003 Linda Whitney Printmaking