Waste up photo of John Geyerman, Asian with short dark hair, jeans and white button-down shirt with light blue grid lines, holding large camera, standing in big open field early spring

Region 1

Williston, ND

(602) 703-6872

John Geyerman grew up in Arizona. He loved learning about science, playing sports and tenor saxophone, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Arizona State University. It was there that he developed his appreciation for theatrical performances, attended First Fridays Downtown, and wandered through exhibits at the Phoenix Art Museum. He is very interested in graphic design, and has recently started learning to paint with acrylics and oils.
John moved to Williston in 2013. While working as a Landman, he picked up an old Nikon DSLR camera and hasn’t put it down. His love for photography balances his analytical side and helps him to see the world from new perspectives. His first photography job was for the Athletic Department at Williston State College. John has worked as a freelance photographer for GoDaddy and Main Street Hub. He is the photographer for the Miss North Dakota Organization and Annual Competition. He also does event and real estate photography in the Williston area.

John served on the Board of the Williston Downtowners, planning events and projects such as the Art and Wine Walk, the Painted Pianos Projects, Summer Nights on Main, and Main Street Market. John got his start with NDCA by being a Stakeholder for Arts Across the Prairie – Region 1 and as a Special Projects Panelist.  

John believes that art can help transform individuals and communities. His goal is to foster an increase in public art to strengthen the rich cultural heritage of North Dakota. His vision is to see public art help to create heroes, define shared values and ideals, preserve rites and rituals, and develop shared networks. He is very excited to learn as much as he can and to work with his fellow NDCA Board of Directors.  

Counties served (figures taken from 2018 census): Divide County, population 2,283; Williams County, population 35,350; McKenzie County, population 13,632